4 Key Quotes: Approaching Patient Care Differently

I’ve never had an original thought. In fact, that isn’t even my original thought! I’ve been lucky to learn from some of the brightest musculoskeletal minds in the country. I’m humbled and grateful for those experiences. When learning from these doctors the biggest takeaway is never how incredible their manual skills are – but instead, their ‘words’. Here are 4 key quotes & sayings that explain how we approach patient care differently at Upstate Spine & Sport:

“If I don’t understand the condition and the way it behaves, then I’d just be guessing.” A classic old-school chiropractic ’treatment’ is The Flying 7. This is when a traditional chiropractor adjusts 7 ‘key’ areas, hoping it will help. Truth is – sometimes it does… temporarily. It’s easier for a clinician to ‘believe’ that the adjustment will eventually “stick” than take the time necessary to understand your condition.

At Upstate Spine & Sport, we assess each patient thoroughly and come up with an individualized treatment plan. We still use the chiropractic adjustment, not to create dependency, but as a powerful stimulus into your Central Nervous System (the motherboard). This stimulus opens up a window to correct movement impairments through active rehabilitation. In order to take your life back, we use a team approach – “you’re the pilot, I’m the co-pilot!” The clinician may be holding the navigation map, but the patient is always flying the plane.

Our goal is rapid pain relief – not selling you 24, 52 or 104 visit package plans. We don’t draw lines on x-rays since most x-ray findings do not equal harm. When you are active in your care the results can be shockingly rapid, thus, “there’s no genius in making simple problems complex!”

Of course, not every condition responds quickly. Pain is incredibly complex so we have many different ways to address your pain. All pain is real, in fact, you can’t have pain without the brain!”.  Pain is not the enemy, it’s there to help – pain is a signal announcing it’s time to change, to improve, and to heal.

Our mission at Upstate Spine & Sport is to provide the highest quality, forward-thinking, and innovative chiropractic care to the Greenville & Upstate area. We treat many conditionsWe’d love to become part of your healthcare team and have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to your primary care, orthopedic, dentist, OBGYN, or any other healthcare professional. We also have the best acupuncturist in the Upstate (clearly very biased), which is helpful for a variety of conditions.

Until next time,

Dr. J