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Are you looking for a natural and non-invasive solution to shoulder pain relief? At Upstate Spine & Sport, our trio of chiropractors treat all types of musculoskeletal pain. Drs. David Jolson, Tanner Garey, and Thomas Etue specialize in various sport-related and musculoskeletal injuries and provide effective solutions for shoulder pain relief.

Are you an athlete forced to sit on the sidelines because of shoulder pain? An appointment with one of our certified chiropractic sports physicians can get you back to your sport in no time. As the team chiropractor for the Greenville Triumph, Hincapie Racing Team, Greenville Liberty, Furman University Paladins, and PGA Tour pros, our team has the experience to implement a speedy recovery plan.

Between these three knowledgeable chiropractors, our teamcan help you recover from extensive pain radiating throughout your shoulders, spine, limbs, and more. Our trusted and experienced chiropractic physicians can adjust your shoulder or spine and provide lasting relief. Under their chiropractic care and treatment, you can live a healthier, more independent life.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders endure stress every day. Simple tasks like bathing and cleaning are suddenly difficult when your shoulder muscles are in pain. The question though, what are some of the most common causes of shoulder pain?

Poor posture, repetitive movements, or improper body mechanics can all cause soreness and pain in your upper body. Consider how uncomfortable you’d be if you spent 10 consecutive hours slumped over in a chair. Poor posture and lack of movement or stretching can leave your shoulders feeling stiff very quickly.

On the other hand, repeating the same motion — such as throwing a ball or lifting large objects — can overexert the muscles and put more strain on them. Finally, a misaligned or unsupported musculoskeletal structure can contribute to shoulder pain.

While the causes of shoulder pain can differ, treating the pain can be easy if proper planning and steps are followed. Take time to stretch your muscles throughout the day and maintain good posture. For further help, turn to a trusted chiropractor or musculoskeletal specialist to assess the extent of the injury and offer treatment.

 The Role of Chiropractic Care in Shoulder Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, there’s no need to rely on medications or skip out on daily activities. Visiting a local chiropractor can provide immediate relief for intense pain. Rather than using invasive or drug-based treatments, a chiropractic physician can target the source of shoulder pain.

These healthcare professionals use a combination of natural therapies and body adjustments to provide effective shoulder pain solutions, regardless of how the injury came about. You’ll enjoy relief from either acute or chronic pain after a musculoskeletal specialist manipulates the muscles to promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

With a few simple movements and therapies, you’ll achieve effective results that work to relieve the pain, instead of medications and more invasive treatments.

How Chiropractic Care Offers a Non-Invasive Solution for Shoulder Pain

Easing your shoulder pain without going under the knife is as simple as visiting a skilled chiropractor in Greenville, SC. Simple things like stretching after 30 minutes of sitting or limiting overexertion of your shoulder muscles can provide shoulder pain relief. In addition, seeking treatment from a chiropractor relieves your pain using only non-invasive remedies.

At Upstate Spine & Sport, we want you to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. Receiving surgery or undergoing arduous treatment plans for shoulder pain relief comes with significant downtime. Choosing to receive chiropractic care can help you find pain relief without the risk of going into surgery.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Greenville, SC | Upstate Spine & Sport

If you suffer from shoulder pain and need a reliable chiropractor serving Greenville and the surrounding South Carolina communities, trust the dedicated team at Upstate Spine & Sport. We’ll help strengthen your muscles and target areas along the spine that radiates pain through your shoulders. After consulting with us and receiving personalized treatment, you’ll have an increased range of motion and say goodbye to shoulder pain.

Take the first step towards achieving shoulder pain relief by contacting Upstate Spine & Sport today. Call our Greenville office at (864) 400-8005 to schedule an appointment.

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