A Little Background on Acupuncture and Its Benefits

Acupuncture, a popular holistic healing treatment, is used worldwide to heal various physical, emotional, and mental symptoms, such as joint pain, muscle aches, migraines, anxiety, nausea from chemotherapy, and more.

Despite the commonness of the procedure, you may wonder, “Does acupuncture hurt?”. The short answer is no. It produces little to no pain or discomfort.

The practice comes from Chinese medicine from over 2,500 years ago. The natural approach treated various conditions by using needles in specific areas on the skin to trigger positive bodily responses. This non-invasive treatment stimulates nerve-dense areas under the skin’s surface.

Every acupuncture needle causes blood flow movement, which brings healing properties, to force the body to respond and create a better balance. The body will trigger the immune system, increase blood circulation, and release natural pain-relieving hormones that will leave you feeling better.

If you’re searching for “acupuncture near me,” look no further than Upstate Spine & Sport. Our clinic offers acupuncture in Greenville, SC, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and more. We take the time to understand the underlying cause of pain to create clear treatment plans using non-invasive methods.

Acupuncture Needles and What They’re Made Of

The reason why acupuncture needles don’t produce substantial pain or discomfort lies with their size. They are skinny slivers of stainless steel. They resemble cat whiskers in size and flexibility and are much thinner than a standard sewing needle.

The FDA classifies acupuncture needles as sterile medical instruments that have no risk of infection. They can come in various diameters and lengths for use on multiple parts of the body. However, the tools usually vary from 0.12 mm to 0.35 mm in diameter. For reference, that is about 1/16th the size of a hypodermic needle used for drawing blood.

How To Prepare for an Acupuncture Session

As with other alternative health treatments, the better you prepare for your first acupuncture session, you’ll experience more benefits. Consider these preparation tips:

  • Set aside relaxation time before and after your session and avoid overly stressful or strenuous activities like a cardio workout.
  • Eat a light meal at least two hours before the appointment to prevent hunger and discomfort during treatment.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing so the acupuncturist can easily insert the needles in the correct locations.
  • Hydrate with water before the treatment to encourage your body’s natural healing process.
  • Avoid coffee or caffeine before receiving acupuncture. The stimulant increases activity in the sympathetic nerve, which activates your natural fight-or-flight response.

What You Can Expect During Your First Session

When you arrive for your first acupuncture session at Upstate Spine & Sport, you can expect to begin your treatment with an initial assessment with an experienced acupuncturist. Since our acupuncturists specialize in alternative healing methods, we strive to understand your symptoms, medical history, and concerns before creating a personalized treatment plan.

Our specialist will place acupuncture needles in strategic locations based on your assessment. Though the insertions will not hurt, you really will feel a slight pinch when the needle enters the skin. However, it will only last a second or two.

FAQs About Treatment at Upstate Spine & Sport

How many appointments are necessary to address a condition?

It depends. At Upstate Spine & Sport, our treatment plans range from four to eight visits over four to six weeks on average. The extent of your condition and treatment plan may require more or fewer visits.

Do specialists at the facility work with physicians and other medical professionals?

Our Greenville team partners with many local healthcare providers to ensure that every patient has the care they need.

How long does it take to feel the effects of acupuncture?

You will immediately notice a difference in your body. You’ll feel less pain, relaxation, and possibly clear-headedness.

Acupuncture Greenville, SC | Upstate Spine & Sport

With Upstate Spine & Sport, there’s no need to wonder, “does acupuncture hurt.” You can rest assured that you are in skilled hands that will help improve how you feel. We proudly serve Greenville, Greer, Simpsonville, and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

With every new patient, we perform a thorough physical exam, take your medical history, and determine the best course of treatment for your condition. Contact us today at (864) 400-8005 to start your acupuncture session.