Whether You’re an Athlete or an Office Employee: Massage Helps

No matter your lifestyle, you can apply the benefits of massage therapy to your self-care regimen. Professional massages can reduce the recovery time from significant injuries, tension from high-stress occupations, and more. Upstate Spine and Sport’s massage therapists in Greenville, SC have helped numerous clients from varying backgrounds heal and find relief.

For example, sitting at a desk during your nine-to-five all week might strain your back and neck as you constantly stare at a computer screen. Conversely, an active lifestyle may not save you from discomfort as you age. Explore how massage therapy can help people of all lifestyles below.

Massage Therapy Is Important to Many People from All Walks of Life

First, explore the countless demographics of people who seek professional massages to treat mental and physical health concerns. Different types of massage can address various health concerns, including:

  • Thai massage: This technique can improve mobility and ease stiffness in senior adults, disabled people, or individuals who work professions that require them to stand in one position for long periods.
  • Trigger point massage: Occupations involving constant physical labor can create minor injuries that often go unnoticed. A trigger point massage helps laborers manage seemingly random pain related to those injuries.
  • Swedish massage: This technique can reduce stress in the shoulders, back, and neck. If you work an office job, you might appreciate how Swedish massages release tension.

Sports Massage for Professional, College, High School & Recreational Athletes

Sports massages, another therapeutic massage variety, help professional and casual athletes recover faster and do more of what they love with fewer injuries. Whether you hit the gym for weekly sessions or participate in intense, long-distance runs, you can use sports massages to improve your performance by:

The benefits of massage therapy for athletes aren’t just for the pros. You can apply them to your weekend tennis tournaments or touch-football sessions with your kids. Don’t let that post-gym soreness get in the way of reaching your next level of gains. Proactively treat and relieve minor injuries through the benefits of massage therapy.

Extending Massage Treatment for Office Workers

Perhaps your lifestyle involves remaining in one place for long stretches. For example, desk jobs at an office come with unique challenges, like neck and back soreness. If you type on a computer all day, you might struggle to comfortably position your spine, wrists, and shoulders — not to mention the stress your busy position might cause.

Regular massage therapy sessions can improve the quality of life for desk workers too. Swedish, Thai, and deep-tissue massages may alleviate the discomfort and other symptoms associated with posture strain and repetitive movements. Your massage therapist can also recommend desk equipment and office furniture that promotes relief, eases strain, and improves posture as you work, like desks that adjust to sitting and standing positions.

Massage for Stress Relief

The health benefits of massage therapy go beyond physical comfort and improvement. Each session can also help with mental health struggles like anxiety, depression, and stress. Some other health concerns that regular massages might alleviate include:

  • Insomnia: Mental health issues and the stressors of daily life can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.
  • TMJ: If you struggle with temporomandibular disorders, you likely experience tightness and soreness in your lower jawbone.
  • Headaches: Tension and stress can cause some headaches, including migraines.

You can incorporate massages into your self-care routine to find the massage therapy benefits for stress.

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