Dr. David Jolson | Owner & Founder of Upstate Spine & Sport | Greenville’s Best And Brightest

Greenville Business Magazine recently named Dr. David Jolson among Greenville’s Best And Brightest – 35 and Under. Founder and clinical director of Upstate Spine & Sport, Dr. Jolson is a sports chiropractor in Greenville, SC. 

Dr. Jolson and his team have made it their mission to treat residents of Greenville and the surrounding communities so they can overcome their pain and return to a fully active lifestyle. Dr. Jolson is a leader whose efforts to serve the Upstate region showcase his dedication to our community. 

He Has a Passion for Helping Others Feel Better 

Dr. Jolson takes a highly compassionate approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. His primary concerns when treating his patients are quick pain relief and educating them on preventative measures to avoid further injury.

David Jolson is a doctor who dedicates his time to studying pain management and healing strategies. He combines chiropractic, muscle work, and physical therapy in his treatment methods. It’s no wonder Greenville News has voted him Best Chiropractor in their “Best of the Upstate” awards multiple times. 

Accepting Greenville's Best & Brightest Award

He Is Active in the Community 

When he’s not spending time with his wife, Fran, and their two sons, Miles and Max, Dr. Jolson enjoys giving back to the community, especially through his volunteer work at Greenville Medical Clinic. While Dr. Jolson is not originally from Greenville, SC, his wife is an Upstate native, and he has come to embrace all facets of local life. 

Since Dr. Jolson and his wife founded Upstate Spine & Sport, he has assisted the community by offering employment opportunities to residents and contributing to the local economy. He also recently partnered with Spruce MD to found Basecamp, a health and community collective that will open this year on Laurens Road. With this level of drive and social ethics, David Jolson constantly proves himself to be one of Greenville’s Best & Brightest. 

He Has a Great Team of Professionals Who Support Him and His Patients 

While Dr. Jolson does many great things for the people of Greenville, SC, he is no superhero without the help of his team. Upstate Spine & Sport helps many patients every day thanks to the tireless efforts of a licensed and knowledgeable team on staff. Upstate Spine & Sport can help patients with a litany of physical ailments through extensive resident expertise in Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, & Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Our team works with patients to find the source of their pain and helps them navigate treatment options. Patients trust Upstate Spine & Sport because the staff works with them to find solutions instead of pushing them into a treatment procedure without offering any information. Dr. Jolson is the best chiropractor in Greenville, SC because he knows how to communicate with fellow professionals to find the proper course to rid patients of their pain. 

He Offers Professional Treatment to All 

Dr. Jolson does his best to treat patients from all walks of life. He is proud to be the official chiropractor for such local sports teams as the Greenville Triumph, Hincapie Racing, and Furman Paladins. He also does personal chiropractic work for several local PGA Tour golfers.  

He also treats everyday workers who experience on-the-job injuries or persistent pain related to automotive collisions or other accidents. Dr. Jolson’s unwavering compassion and empathy make him a complete healthcare professional and truly one of Greenville’s Best & Brightest. 

Dr. Jolson Is Excited About the Future in Greenville 

Dr. David Jolson is always looking to the future and preparing something new and exciting for the citizens of Greenville, SC. In addition to Basecamp, Dr. Jolson and his team will soon open a personal training facility for people of all ages called Alloy Personal Training. The goal is to provide Greenville residents at all ability levels an opportunity to achieve their ideal physical fitness. 

Visit Upstate Spine & Sport in Greenville, SC to meet with Dr. Jolson, or contact our team at (864) 400-8005 to schedule an appointment. 

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