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Greenville chiropractor and acupuncturist

at Upstate Spine & Sport provide a unique integrated approach to quickly relieve lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and more.

We never sell cookie cutter, long-term plans – instead, we create an individualized approach tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We are proud to be the official chiropractor and acupuncturist for the Hincapie Racing Team and PGA Tour pros like Jay Haas and Bill Haas.

More About Our Clinic

Dr. Jolson is by far the best specialist I have ever been to for my back. I hesitate to say chiropractor because he is different than every one that I have been to before.

-MM (Chef)

Dr. Jolson is one of a kind with a true gift. I struggled off and on for over a year with sciatic pain. After extreme frustration, I was referred to Dr. Jolson by a very well thought of orthopedic surgeon. On the first visit, Dr. Jolson nailed my issues and immediately put me on the path to success. After only a few weeks, through his unique combination of care, I am happy to say I am sleeping without any pain relief medication and having a blast exercising again. I now have the knowledge and toolbox to keep the sciatic pain in check on my own. THANKS SO MUCH!

— LI (Real Estate)

I ride for the local Hincapie professional cycling team and Dr. Jolson has helped my teammates and me not only with back pain but identifying and strengthening other areas of the body that are essential for competing at a high level of sport. Upstate Spine is the most friendly and professional environment for physical therapy and chiropractor in Greenville!

— BR (Professional Cyclist)

Chiropractic Care

Many traditional chiropractic clinics focus on long-term treatments that require extensive in-office appointments, costing patients both time and money. Our chiropractor quickly identifies what’s causing your discomfort, treats it, and teaches you how to minimize any reoccurrence through specific exercises and principles.

Each patient is unique, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs. The key to the evidence-based model of chiropractic care is to diagnose not only the symptoms you have but also why you have them. At Upstate Spine & Sport we take the time necessary to uncover and understand your condition and then do what it takes to correct it.


From a modern Western medical perspective the tiny acupuncture needles inserted into the skin promote blood circulation to targeted areas. This, in turn, activates your body’s immune and nervous systems, leading to reduced inflammation and releasing endorphins to alleviate pain.

Acupuncture helps to correct imbalances in the body caused by external factors such as stress, toxins, and injury – once restored to proper balance, the body has a better chance to heal itself.

Active Release Technique

A patented soft tissue system and movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. ART can help with overused muscles quickly and permanently.

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (the “McKenzie Method”) is an assessment that relieves pain through the deep understanding of a condition, allowing the patient to treat their own pain with specific movements, therefore making the patient less reliant on his or her doctor.

McKenzie is considered the most well researched conservative musculoskeletal approach on the planet. Dr. Jolson is the only chiropractor eligible for credentialing in South Carolina.

Functional Rehab and Performance

This type of rehab utilizes movements that are individualized and appropriate for each patient’s daily life and goals. The purpose is to promote proper activation and coordination of the neuromuscular system, allowing patients to regain strength and stability to overcome pain.

Dr. Jolson primarily utilizes the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), a system based on developmental kinesiology.

Titleist Golf Assessment

Titleist Performance based golf specific injury assessment is designed to alleviate pain and increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.

Dr. Jolson is the only chiropractor in South Carolina with advanced TPI Medical level 2 golf specific training. Click here for more information.

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