Low Back Pain: Greenville’s Cost-Effective, Conservative Solution


If you have been searching for low back pain treatment in Greenville and would like to potentially avoid surgery and over-medication, consider what Upstate Spine & Sport can do for you.

Alternatives to Surgery: Non-Invasive and Cost-Effective – “Reduced odds of surgery were observed for…those whose first provider was a chiropractor. 42.7% of workers with back injuries who first saw a surgeon had surgery, in contrast to only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor.” – Keeney et al (2012), Spine

In this great country we have some of the most advanced medical care in the world – however, we are conditioned to look for medication and surgical options for chronic low back pain. We are led to believe that surgery guarantees success. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed and countless studies on spinal surgical outcomes after five years prove surgical outcomes are a little better than a coin flip. 6/10 people have success greater than 5 years post-operation. Non-surgical options must be exhausted first for the best chances of a successful surgery.

Even as surgical options have increased, the National Institutes of Health’s latest reports show that complementary and integrative health approaches are the primary choice of almost one-third of US adults. As chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and other non-invasive patient-centered approaches have grown in popularity, so has our understanding that treating the whole person without drugs or surgery makes sense, both medically and financially.

Adding Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy to Standard Medical Care for Patients with Acute Low Back Pain – “There was a statistically and clinically significant benefit to those patients receiving chiropractic manipulative treatment… 73% of participants in the standard medical care plus chiropractic manipulation group rated their global improvement as pain completely gone, much better, or moderately better, compared with 17% in the standard medical group.” – Goertz et al (2013), Spine

Research also supports chiropractic care as an effective treatment for neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and other common pains and injuries.

A variety of more recent studies have shown further evidence for the effectiveness of chiropractic care and other services at Upstate Spine & Sport: acupuncture, dry needling, active release therapy (ART), dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), mechanical diagnosis & therapy (McKenzie), and other manual therapies. Our goal is to choose the correct tool for you and co-manage you to get you back to what you love as soon as possible.

“As silly as it sounds, the number one cause of low back pain is previous low back pain. Our goal in treating your back is to give you strategies to treat yourself, that way when you deal with it again, you have a proactive way to attack your pain on your own, instead of relying on us as clinicians, medications, or further interventions. Why make a simple problem complex?” – David Jolson, Chiropractic Physician

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