Protecting Your Shoulders Post-Injury

Preventive measures for a healing shoulder are incredibly important. Shoulder injuries are incredibly common, and if you don’t protect your shoulders post-injury, you could suffer from the same injury again. At Upstate Spine & Sport, we’re committed to providing integrated healthcare services to reduce pain and improve performance. Here, we’ll go over how to protect your shoulders post-injury through maintaining good posture, strengthening exercises and balanced workouts, body mechanics awareness, and proper rest.

Maintaining Good Posture: The First Step to Shoulder Protection

When we talk about shoulder post-injury protection, the first thing we like to focus on is posture. Poor posture disrupts the healing process by putting extra stress on injured muscles. By having good posture, you can reduce the strain placed on your healing muscles and lower the risk of further complications. This way, you can get back to your pain-free life quicker.

We know each patient is unique, and so is every injury. We tailor our chiropractic care to each patient, providing you with a personalized treatment plan to improve your posture, allowing your shoulder to heal smoothly. Upstate Spine & Sport believes that taking the time to listen to our patients is the first step in a successful recovery.

Strengthening Exercises: Building Resilient Shoulders

Rotator cuff injuries need targeted support in order to regain strength and flexibility. Upstate Spine & Sport will provide you with exercises to both strengthen and stretch your muscles. Proper stretching does wonders to reduce soreness and increase your range of motion.

Strengthening exercises help stabilize your joint, which can help you avoid another injury in the future.

Our care team will let you know how many times a day to do your set of exercises to reach your recovery goals. We will provide you with a set of specific exercises to protect your shoulders post-injury.

Paying Attention to Body Mechanics

You may not realize that the way you move your body as you go about your everyday life can worsen injuries or prevent a successful recovery. Our team will talk to you about the importance of body mechanics in relation to your specific injury and how it can provide post-injury protection moving forward.

Once you know more, you increase your mindfulness, and your brain automatically adjusts to prevent injuring yourself during common activities. At Upstate Spine & Sport, we love to talk to our patients about the power of our brains when it comes to the recovery process.

Balancing Upper-Body Workouts and Proper Rest and Recovery

The goal of exercising your injured shoulder is to help eliminate the pain, strengthen the muscles, and ultimately help you return to your regular activities. These exercises help your muscles work together to strengthen injured areas. Learning new ways to move your muscles can decrease the chance of another injury.

Taking the time to rest is just as important as exercising your injury. Your muscles need the opportunity to stretch and move, but they also need time to recover. Don’t skip your rest periods just because you start feeling better, or you could injure your shoulder again.

Integrative Healthcare Services at Upstate Spine & Sport

Upstate Spine & Sport uses a variety of services to treat all sorts of injuries. We believe that personalized treatment and proactive care can help treat all sorts of medical problems, including sciatica, fibromyalgia, and even tennis elbow.

We provide a variety of holistic services to address and treat all types of pain, including:

We take the time to learn about your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan that focuses on reachable benchmarks leading to full recovery when at all possible. We see every client with the intent of helping you get back to your pain-free lifestyle. When you commit to completing your treatment plan, you will quickly begin to see results.

Embrace a More Active, Healthy Lifestyle with Upstate Spine & Sport

It’s imperative that you protect your shoulders post-injury to get back to your pai-free life and prevent further injury. Upstate Spine & Sport in Greenville, SC, has a compassionate team that provides tailored services to relieve shoulder pain and strengthen injured muscles.

Our team will identify and treat your problem to help you recover from your shoulder injury. Contact us at 864-400-8005 to schedule an appointment and begin your healing journey.

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