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Dr. Jolson is by far the best specialist I have ever been to for my back. I hesitate to say chiropractor because he is different than every one that I have been to before. Each appointment is a combination of physical therapy plus chiropractic care to where I have felt better and better each trip without feeling helpless in between visits due to the exercises I am shown how to do on my own. I can feel myself getting stronger and know that personally, he has given me the tools to keep my problems in check on my own.

I enjoy the personal accountability that he gives his patients because it puts you on a path to healing and not just a series of band-aid fixes where you become dependent on constant adjustments.

— MM (Chef)

Upstate Spine & Sport takes the time to understand my holistic needs, not just the immediate issue or concerns – helping me in the near-term, but also, preventing injury and pain over the long-term.

— NN (Triathlete)

For most of my adult life, I struggled with lower back pain. As a former athlete, I was wary to go to a doctor or chiropractor to address the pain. I thought I could just deal with it. Thankfully, one day I asked Dr. Jolson for help. Instead of mysterious treatments or prescribing painkillers, Dr. J taught me how to fix myself. He explained what was causing my pain in simple English, and he showed me exercises I could do easily at home on my own to combat the back pain and, eventually, prevent it altogether.

I haven’t had significant back pain since working with him, and any time I have minor discomfort, I just do the exercises he taught me and the pain goes away.

I hope that I never have to deal with any more serious injuries or pain, however, if I do, I will not hesitate to call Dr. Jolson so he can help me get better again! I highly recommend him and his services.

— BY (Financial Advisor)

While Dr. Jolson was in Chicago I had the opportunity to discuss each of our philosophies in caring for patients with musculoskeletal conditions including shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and spines. As an orthopedic surgery resident I see many patients with non-operative conditions that Dr. Jolson is an expert at caring for. While surgery may be an option at some point for some of these patients, conservative measures should be exhausted prior to any surgical discussion. The level of conservative care he provides is something few people can provide.

From my perspective, two things set Dr. Jolson apart from the rest. #1 – He knows the critical difference between correct time to refer patients to an orthopedic surgeon’s office and when to continue with conservative therapies. #2 – He and I share a deep passion for continually learning the newest and best treatment options for our patients to achieve the best outcomes. This passion he has is part of his “being”, it can’t be taught in a textbook… You either have it or you don’t. Believe me when I say you will be in good hands under his care.

— JE (Orthopedic Surgeon)

Dr. Jolson took my un-repaired, 3-year-old shoulder dislocation and drastically improved my range of motion and strength.

This wasn’t a ‘quick fix’ by any means and the rehab involved quite a bit of homework on my part. That said, after following Dr. Jolson’s guidance and education on how my shoulder works, he had me lifting and moving things in about four weeks that I never thought would work after my injury. He educated me on how to maintain and build the strength that my shoulder can realistically reach; and that is the difference with his approach. His sense of humor isn’t too bad either.

— TA (Entrepreneur)

There aren’t enough words to describe my appreciation for Fran’s work. I’ve always felt like my worries/ailments were welcomed and I knew Fran was confident in getting ME back to ME. Thank you!

— KF (Graduate Student)

Thank you Upstate Spine & Sport for helping me with my low back pain! Dr. Jolson has a unique approach with the combination of chiropractic and physical therapy.

He treated me as an individual, and catered his treatment specifically to my needs. His focus on my sport rehab helped me to improve my yoga practice and eliminate my back pain in just a few weeks. Upstate Spine and Sport is more than just your typical chiropractor. I learned techniques I can take with me throughout my everyday life to make me stronger and back to practicing yoga to my fullest ability.

— KL (Designer)

After a year of wrist pain and migraine headaches I went to see Dr. Jolson in hopes of alleviating some of my symptoms without any invasive medical treatments. After one appointment my symptoms started to disappear. Not only did he help with my pain, he also helped me understand the cause and taught me what I could do on my own if it ever returned. Dr. Jolson took his time to understand what I needed and really helped me get back to life without daily joint pain and headaches. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!

— HB (Mother of 3)

I was running out of options before considering surgery which I have been told is the last thing you want to do when it comes to fixing the disk in your lower back if you can avoid it. I was also suffering from severe sciatica. If you have dealt sciatica it can be just as bad as the original back injury. I explained my injury and symptoms to Dr. Jolson and with that info, he gave me one simple exercise to do. 

After a week of doing this exercise, there was a drastic improvement. My lower back pain was all but gone and the sciatica was under control. I would recommend Dr. Jolson to anyone dealing with these problems and any former athletes or weekend warriors. That’s how I got here and as a former college athlete himself, he understands how you got there as well.

— EJ (Teacher)

I went to see Dr. Jolson about low back pain that has been a struggle for me for most of my adult life. During our first session, he explained very clearly why I had the pain and how to fix it myself with lifestyle changes and one simple home exercise. I saw immense improvement within 24 hours of our first session. It has been less than two weeks and I am already actively pursuing the activities that I love without pain and without fear of the pain returning.

My favorite thing about Dr. Jolson is that he taught me how to control the pain myself, thus reducing my need for future care. If you are in pain and you want it to stop, see Dr. Jolson. He will help you the way that he helped me.

— HW (Farmer & Dancer)

If you experience pain of any kind, you need to visit Upstate Spine and Sport. The Jolson’s will treat you as an individual, truly understand your concerns, and EMPOWER you to eliminate and control your pain!

— NS (Teacher)

Between chiropractic, rehab, and acupuncture they will take the time to get down to the root of your problem providing long-term pain relief and improved function as well as performance in sports. I highly recommend their office!

— JK (Rock Climber)

I’m currently working on my MD at Wayne State. We aren’t educated much on chiropractic, but I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jolson speak a few times on care for back, neck, and shoulder pain. The guy knows his stuff. I’m generally a curious clinician so I decided to shadow him to better understand his approach.

I saw him help a sciatica patient, a TMJ (jaw) patient, a shoulder, and knee issue in just under a few hours. The whole time he’s problem-solving and educating patients on how to help themselves, and genuinely caring for these people. I’ll be looking for someone like Dr. J in my area as soon as I get out of my residency. Thank you for helping educate me on what good musculoskeletal care looks like – it will help me serve my patients better.

— JK (Medical Student)