Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy | Upstate Spine & Sport

YES, seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy has many benefits! During pregnancy, a woman’s weight and biomechanics are significantly altered. The forward weight shift from the growing belly puts a lot of pressure and stress on the low back, SI joints, and ligaments surrounding the pelvis. 

There is a hormone that is pushed throughout the body during pregnancy called, ‘relaxin’. Its job is to do exactly what you think, relax! It relaxes joints, muscles, and tissues through the entire body. This hormone is extremely important when it comes to giving birth. Relaxin can cause problems prior to pregnancy because of the effects it can have on the joint and ligaments prior to giving birth. 

Going to a pregnancy chiropractor is an extremely effective and safe way to help women overcome the stresses and pains that come with pregnancy.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help During Pregnancy?

Common musculoskeletal conditions that can occur during pregnancy include but are not limited to, round ligament pain, SI joint dysfunction, low back pain, and sciatica

Some of the causes are the side effects of relaxin, gravity shift from increased weight gain, and adding the weight of a tiny human into your belly! Even though they are common it doesn’t mean that the patient should “just deal” with the discomfort.

We have many techniques and treatments to decrease the impact of these conditions and make them bearable during your pregnancy. The treatment will consist of safe adjustments/ mobilizations, rehabilitation exercises, increased range of motion, and overall education. 

In order to make sure the treatment is safe for all patients, we use pregnancy pillows, which give the patient a safe way to lay on their stomach without harming the baby. This modification allows the patient to take the pressure off of their feet and lower back. For all your questions about seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy, please feel free to contact us anytime.