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Elevate Your Game With Strength & Conditioning

Everyone is an athlete in their own right, whether riding bikes to work or partaking in rigorous sports. While each activity requires a different level of skill, energy, mobility, and power, improving your strength & conditioning can help you maximize your potential.

At Upstate Spine and Sport, we use an evidence-based approach to help you feel and move better, enhance your athleticism, sports performance, and more. Below, we’ll explain how you can benefit from strength and conditioning in Greenville, SC, with our personal trainers.

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Johel Zea

Personalized Programs for Strength Training

Strength training is not a one-size-fits-all model. Everyone starts at a different level and with different abilities. Therefore, we use a thorough assessment process to tailor strength and conditioning in Greenville, SC, to each unique client. During a functional training assessment, a trainer evaluates the following in each individual:

  • Core strength
  • Motion and mobility
  • Stability and balance
  • Coordination
  • Endurance level
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Proteus testing
  • InBody body composition testing

From there, we try to understand and implement the client’s goals, breaking them down into short- and long-term objectives. We then customize a schedule for weight training, take-home mobility work, and more. As time progresses, we observe progress and fallbacks and regularly revisit original goals and plans, deciding on how and when to progress your plan.

Who We Work With for Strength & Conditioning

We work with a diverse group of people at Upstate Spine and Sport. From young athletes trying to learn the weight room and start their performance enhancement journey, to professional sportspeople striving to maximize their body, every program is tailored to individual needs. Specialized training programs are crafted for post-partum mothers, focusing on strength rebuilding, mobility improvement, and overall wellness. The weekend warriors are those taking initial steps towards an active lifestyle and also find their fitness goals addressed here. Regardless of age, fitness level, or specific objectives, our team works relentlessly to ensure optimal strength, endurance, and athletic performance.

The Upstate Approach – How We Are Unique

At Upstate Spine & Sport, a distinct approach to strength and conditioning sets us apart. The Proteus machine, a cutting-edge device, is employed for dynamic strength training sessions. This unique equipment enables the creation of resistance in any direction, enhancing functional movements and fostering injury resilience.

The strength training programs, meticulously designed by experienced professionals, are customized to cater to sports-specific goals. Whether it’s enhancing endurance for a marathon runner, improving agility for a soccer player, or boosting power for a weightlifter, every regimen is crafted with precision to ensure the achievement of targeted outcomes.

Recovery From Strength & Conditioning Training

After rigorous training, the muscles undergo tiny tears that require healing. Without it, the tears grow larger, swelling with further exercise, which leaves you in pain. Therefore, we use the following strategic recovery methods for optimal conditioning:

Massage therapy: From deep tissue massages that apply pressure to deeper layers of tissues and muscles to Swedish massages that reduce scar tissue, massage therapy helps with aches and pains while relaxing you.

Chiropractic ServicesDelving into the realm of chiropractic care, Upstate Spine & Sport in Greenville, SC offers a multitude of services. Expert chiropractors, Dr. David Jolson, Dr. Tanner Garey, and Dr. Thomas Etue, employ an integrative approach to care, ensuring comprehensive health solutions for all.

StemWave: Provides pain relief to the musculoskeletal system in a non-invasive manner by using sound waves to enter your soft tissue to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.

Johel Zea – Strength & Conditioning Director

For more than a decade, Johel has played a pivotal role in guiding athletes towards unlocking their full potential. A former strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox, Johel contributed locally to the success of the Greenville Drive during their triumphant 2023 Championship season. In his current role as the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Upstate Spine & Sport, Johel specializes in coaching biomechanics and human movement, dedicating himself to training athletes for sport-specific skill development.

Johel’s journey began with an internship under his mentor and uncle, Professor Enrico Encarnacion, a sports medicine specialist and former athletic therapist for the Puerto Rico National Basketball Team. This experience fueled Johel’s passion for sport performance and injury prevention. Originally from Puerto Rico, he pursued baseball at Bethany College in Kansas, where he also earned his degree in Physical Health and Wellness.

Johel’s approach prioritizes optimal alignment, the establishment of appropriate muscle length-tension relationships, and the enhancement of biomechanical efficiency. His passion lies in preventing non-contact injuries, promoting pain-free movement, and continually advancing his skillset to better cater to his clients’ needs. Johel has expanded his expertise through various certifications in biomechanics and human movement, orthopedic assessments, program design, sport performance, athlete development, scientific back training, core conditioning, and holistic lifestyle coaching.

Beyond the clinic, Johel enjoys the outdoors and exploring Greenville. Alongside his wife, Jessica, he embraces activities such as hiking, discovering new restaurants, and traveling. Johel is excited to contribute to the Upstate Spine & Sport community, and proud to call Greenville home.

Reach New Heights With Upstate Spine & Sport’s Strength & Conditioning

If you feel like you’re hitting a wall with your workout regimen and need personal assistance at a professional level to surpass these benchmarks, look no further. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment alongside proven techniques to deliver a high level of training and healing.

So, contact Upstate Spine & Sport when searching for “strength and conditioning near me.” Whether you’re an athlete or want to keep up with occasional activities, we offer dozens of services at different levels to suit your needs. Contact us at (864) 400-8005 to schedule an appointment today!