TEDxUnity Park Talks Back Pain: Dr. Jolson at TEDxUnity Park

TEDxUnity Park took place on February 24, 2024, in Downtown Greenville and featured our very own Dr. David Jolson. Dr. Jolson was honored to join the 14 other leaders on pain solutions and care barriers. He shared his solutions for spine, back, and neck pain. His presentation included audience participation to demonstrate the setbacks of limited motion in these areas.

As a musculoskeletal expert, Dr. Jolson provides chiropractic care for the Greenville Triumph, Furman Paladins, PGA Tour, Greenville Drive, and Greenville Liberty. Greenville News has repeatedly named Dr. Jolson the “Best Chiropractor” in its “Best of the Upstate” series.

The Focus of the Event: Life is Movement

Body flexibility and mobility affect how you face challenges. That’s true whether you use a wheelchair, play sports, dance, or want to enjoy a walk with your family. TEDxUnity Park Talks Back Pain sought to promote moving past pain and stiffness barriers. It did this by focusing on clarifying common pain misconceptions.

The TEDxUnity Parks Talks Back Pain event sought to do more than simply discuss the widespread problem of pain. The theme of the event was “Life is movement. To move is to live. To live is to move.” People must move to end or improve pain. The goal of the event was for more people to understand this concept.

Overview of Dr. Jolson’s Three-Step Model for Back Pain Relief

Dr. Jolson explained that muscles, joints, and tissues get stuck on a pain bus. Sometimes a life event drives it. If pain persists beyond improved motion range, what causes it? Dr. Jolson shared his Three-Step Model for Back Pain Relief. Patients use the model as the first line of defense against pain. The model steps include:

  1. Auditing Your Range of Motion: Assess your range of motion regularly and take note of any painful or uncomfortable movements.
  2. Attacking Limitations: Address limitations with your range of motion using a habit stack. Dr. Jolson’s habit stack pairs a pain check habit with something you enjoy.
  3. Building Strength: Strengthen areas of discomfort to maintain mobility and reduce future pain.

The Mission and Vision of TEDxUnity Park

TEDxUnity Park Talks Back Pain encouraged Greenville residents to develop and utilize methods for pain prevention. It focused on sustainable solutions that provide ongoing benefits, with some preventing the recurrence of pain. The presentations defined sustainable solutions as proven strategies to improve back and neck pain. These solutions work for:

  • Herniated discs
  • Lower chronic back pain
  • A range of other common pain problems

The ideas shared at this event promoted well-being for all ages and all lifestyles. The combined experience on the panel allowed for a variety of insights that foster wellness. People with varying pain and movement needs can benefit from this work that aligns with the mission and vision of Dr. Jolson’s Upstate Spine and Sport clinic.

A Speaker Panel Promoting Movement & Well-Being

The panel consisted of wellness professionals discussing movement as a vital solution. Each panel member provided ideas or tools to prevent or moderate movement problems plaguing the country, starting in Greenville.

The speakers offered experiences and studies about injuries plus barriers to care. The panel’s experience allowed the audience to expand its concept of pain and how it affects living. The panel’s efforts allowed them to abolish movement myths that people suffering from pain often develop.

Audience members learned that pain is a protectant that means no harm and it can be managed with continued attention and care. The panel’s work allowed movement as a life force to become a sustainable solution for the audience, pushing Greenville into the forefront of pain prevention and management.

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