I’m a chiropractor by trade, but my goal as a clinician is to combine evidence-based chiropractic care, manual therapy, physical therapy, muscle soft tissue techniques, and sports performance to help our patients quickly decrease their low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and any other musculoskeletal issues.

One of our passions at Upstate Spine & Sport is helping cyclists in Greenville quickly decrease pain, create longevity in the sport, and maximize their potential. We focus on the Body/Cycling connection: we believe that there is an efficient way for every athlete to cycle – but it’s based on what that cyclist’s body can physically do. This helps them perform at the highest level possible.

Here are some keys that we typically focus on:

  • pelvic tilt control
  • the ability to turn off tension in the muscles of the back
  • a plan to maintain the balance of the spine through spinal extension exercises
  • glute activation and hip control
  • tripod foot activation & function
  • neutral upper back and deep neck flexor activation
  • intra-abdominal pressure and core stability

Active control of flexion is very important for a cyclist – the time spent under consistently rounded postures is inevitable.

George Hincapie, legendary cyclist and Greenville resident came by Upstate Spine & Sport dealing with some rib dysfunction and difficulty breathing. After some table work – manual therapy, DNS & FRC principles, and manipulation, we gave him this exercise. This is an ELDOA x DNS movement focused on the expansion of the ribcage while integrating the entire fascial system.

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