Muscle strains and ligament tears are common injuries some athletes sustain after high-intensity exercise. Massage therapy for injury recovery can help restore balance and mobility without invasive surgeries or pain medication. Massage therapists personalize this non-invasive treatment for each patient according to their injury, medical history, and physical limitations.

At Upstate Spine & Sport, we administer routine massage therapy treatments to help athletes alleviate pain, restore muscle strength, and improve athletic performance. Schedule an appointment with our massage therapists if you’re dealing with chronic pain from a recent sports injury or surgery. We can help you get back on to your sport and back to living pain-free with confidence.

Types of Massage Therapy Used by Sports Chiropractors

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Deep tissue and deep trigger point massage therapies target pain in your muscles and ligaments. Your massage therapist applies pressure onto your fascia (the connective tissue between your muscles) to reduce tension after an injury or issues with pain.

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Swedish massage techniques supply your muscles with more oxygen and heal soft tissue after a recent surgery. This therapy relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to transport more nutrient-dense blood throughout your body.

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Thai massage therapy uses muscle compressions and stretches to improve joint health. You can expect your doctor to utilize their hands, elbows, and knees to adjust your body in various positions, reducing muscle atrophy and tension.

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The Active Release Technique targets chronic pain caused by nerve, ligament, and tendon injuries. Your massage therapist can utilize over 500 methods to administer this treatment, each corresponding to individual muscle or nerve entrapments.

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Sports massages are routine treatments that nurture muscles, joints, and nerves throughout the athletic season. These treatments help you avoid future injuries by reducing body stiffness and lowering stress levels.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Injury Recovery

Most athletes seek massage therapy for injury recovery to alleviate pain immediately after an injury, but these treatments also offer many long-term benefits.

Massage therapy decreases muscle inflammation, so your injury does not escalate from day-to-day movements or activities. In some cases, routine massages may even speed up the healing process of injuries by improving blood lactate in muscles and tissue alignment.

Athletes often pull or damage muscles that they do not activate properly during warmups. Routine massage therapy works these muscles, promoting better performance and healing capabilities. As a result, many athletes consider professional massage therapy a fundamental part of their sports regimen.

Massage therapy can be used to treat sciatica, lower back discomfort, shoulder stiffness, and other injuries that create persistent pain throughout the day. Some patients report that these massages also improve their psychological well-being, giving them more confidence and drive during exercise. As a holistic treatment, massage therapy for injury recovery is a practical solution for both competitive and casual athletes.

Meet Our Massage Therapist Team at Upstate Spine & Sport

Sarah Kimmel | Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC | Active Release | Upstate Spine & Sport

Sarah Kimmel

Sarah Kimmel is an Active Release Technique specialist with certifications in strength conditioning. As a competitive athlete herself, Sarah understands the importance of utilizing massage therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and other body-nourishing treatments to improve her patients’ performance on the field.

Michelle Emory Massage Therapist Greenville SC Upstate Spine & Sport

Michelle Emory

Michelle Emory is a certified massage specialist with over a decade of experience treating patients in sports facilities, wellness clinics, and rehabilitation centers. She specializes in trigger point massage treatments, deep tissue therapy, and more. Michelle overcame her own severe injuries in the past, giving her valuable insight into the challenges her patients face.

Katelyn Amos Massage Therapist Greenville SC Upstate Spine & Sport

Katelyn Amos

Katelyn Amos is an expert in deep tissue, sports, and Swedish massage techniques. She worked closely with Clemson’s 2018 national championship football team and has over 500 hours of hands-on sports rehabilitation training. Katelyn is passionate about serving her local Greenville community with effective, patient-first therapy.

Schedule an Appointment With a Massage Therapist

Athletes of all ages can benefit from appointments with a professional massage therapist in Greenville, SC to recover from painful injuries. At Upstate Spine & Sport, we’re here to ensureyour treatment goes smoothly. Our team will provide a wide range of injury rehabilitation services designed to get you back on your feet and empower you to live a healthier life.

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