📌 Why do I have pain in the lower back?

📌 Will pain from sciatica go away?

📌 How should I approach pain?


Pain gets a bad reputation, it’s a signal, it’s there to help. We just have to better understand it.

Step 1️⃣ – normalize and open up your range of motion ⁣⁣

Step 2️⃣ – stabilize and control your range of motion⁣⁣

We know that pain is very complex, pain isn’t just your muscles, joints, or tissues. A painful condition can be influenced by stress, anxiety, family, previous diagnosis, fear, and more.

That’s why we have a team to help us better understand your pain – so we might use our Greenville chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, or stretching to combat the discomfort!⁣

The biggest goal through it all is always having you in the driver’s seat holding the wheel, driving the car. We may help provide the navigation but we want you understanding and conquering your own discomfort!⁣

If you are dealing with lower back pain, sciatica, or any musculoskeletal pain, reach out to us directly so we can help you get back to what you love!