Why Upstate Spine & Sport?


Many traditional chiropractic clinics focus on long-term treatments that require extensive in-office appointments, costing patients both time and money. Disability caused by spine-related pain is currently a major health problem, with approximately $600 billion spent annually in the United States for spine care (1). That is outrageous!

At Upstate Spine & Sport we provide a cost-effective alternative. We quickly identify what’s causing your discomfort, treat it, and teach you how to minimize any reoccurrence through specific exercises and principles. Our mission is to get you back to what you love as quickly as possible. If we can’t provide relief here in our clinic, we don’t waste your time – we get you to the Upstate clinician who can find you the solution you deserve.


Dr. Jolson helping a patient with physical therapy and chiropractic care


To achieve rapid results, our team takes an integrated approach, using principles from chiropractic physical medicine, sports rehabilitation & physical therapy, acupuncture & dry needling, nutrition, soft tissue medical massage, and more. Each patient is unique, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs. No patient will ever be sold a lifetime cookie cutter, 3X a week “treatment plan” based on proper “alignment”. Instead, we get you out of our office and back to what you enjoy ASAP with the tools to help yourself. Here is what a recent patient had to say, Matt Mayo, chef at The Common Cure:


Dr. Jolson is by far the best specialist I have ever been to for my back. I hesitate to say chiropractor because he is different than everyone that I have been to before. Each appointment is a combination of physical therapy plus chiropractic care to where I have felt better and better each trip without feeling helpless in between visits due to the exercises I am shown how to do on my own. I can feel myself getting stronger and know that personally, he has given me the tools to keep my problems in check on my own. I enjoy the personal accountability that he gives his patients because it puts you on a path to healing and not just a series of band-aid fixes where you become dependent on constant adjustments.”


While our focus is treating musculoskeletal injuries, we have many other services like acupuncture, nutritional advice & supplementation, and cupping. These techniques can help with a variety of other conditions from stress and anxiety, to fertility or digestive issues.


Cupping technique and acupuncture in Greensville, SC

We are proud to be part of the official healthcare team for the Hincapie Racing Team and for many local PGA Tour pros. Although we enjoy treating athletes, we love working with all of our patients: whether active or inactive, conditioned or deconditioned, old or young, you will be given the best possible care at Upstate Spine & Sport. If you have any questions, are curious if we can help, or have questions about insurance and pricing, call us at 864.400.8005 or schedule online.


Dr. Jolson with a patient

1. Vos T, Flaxman AD, Naghavi M, et al: Years lived with disability … 1999-2010: A systemic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. Lancet 2012;80(9859):2163-2196.